About me

Nice to meet you, my name is Nina Valkhoff. I am a muralist and illustrator from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I have been active as an artist ever since I finished art school. All my time is dedicated to making (big) murals for companies and municipalities. In my spare time I make illustrations and... painted bags!

I have a big passion for vintage design, that’s how I started collecting vintage bags. (and vintage furniture, but that’s a whole different story...) Some bags I found were still so beautiful, but had small imperfections. That’s when I realised I could fix them, give them a new life by painting them over! It’s like they are reborn, ready for a new life in a whole different outfit. ;)
I like to re-use, and there is already so much waste. That’s why I will never offer new leather bags, only second-hand and vintage ones. In this way I use what’s already there, and you will own a truly unique piece!

You can see my murals and illustrations
here (website in Dutch, please click ‘muurschilderingen’ for murals and ‘illustraties’ for illustrations).